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Telfed facilitates Aliyah for Australians


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Under the new arrangement, Telfed will supply klita [absorption] services to Australians making Aliya.


The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) has signed an arrangement with Telfed, the South African Zionist Federation’s Israeli arm, to facilitate immigration for Australian olim.


In a joint statement the two organisations welcomed the completion of discussions and the agreement comes into effect immediately.

Ginette Searle

Ginette Searle

All olim from Australia will thereafter be supported by Telfed from the moment they step off the plane and for the first full year of their new lives in Israel. This will involve meeting them at the airport, advising them in their first weeks and months in the country as well as help in integrating within local communities.

“We are delighted with this new agreement and very excited to be working with Telfed to provide improved reception and support for Australian olim,” said Ginette Searle, the Executive Director of the Zionist Federation of Australia.

“Telfed is honoured and delighted to be able to extend its long-standing experience and highly respected reputation of klita services in Israel to the Zionist Federation of Australia. We look forward to welcoming their olim and to a mutually beneficial partnership,” said Dave Bloom, Chairman of Telfed.

“Telfed was created in 1948 to support aliyah from Southern Africa and has remained the bedrock of klita and community service to that community for 65 years. We believe the common synergies with the Zionistic Australian Jewish Community will be expressed in this relationship,” said Bloom.

Ginette Searle and the ZFA President Philip Chester who were behind the initiative on the Australian side will be visiting Israel in June to meet the Telfed Chairman, Director Sid Shapiro, Deputy Director Dorron Kline and their staff and to hold an official launch of the joint project at Telfed’s offices in Raanana.



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