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Proud of our Southern African Soldiers!


By Rene and Neil Weinberg


One family, three kids all currently serving in the army.  Kol hakavod - we, the Southern African Community in Israel, join your parents in feeling so very proud of your service to our beautiful country!  May G-d bless you and Keep you safe.


Chad, Shana and Cindi Weinberg are all currently serving in the IDF

Chad, Shana and Cindi Weinberg, all born in South Africa and made Aliyah to Ashkelon, Israel in May 1998 are now all doing their national army service for the Israeli Army.

As parents, we are so proud to have our children be a part of such an important service in Israel and as hard as it is to deal with three kids in the army together, we would not want to change anything.

Chad who is now almost completing his 3 years, is a medic in the Air Force. He has done his service in Nivatim in the Air Force Base there.

Shana, completed an officers course last year and works in Human Resources in Be'er Sheva.

Cindi, who has just entered the army about a month ago, is undergoing a course for Education and training in the Army and once completed she will be working with troubled kids serving in the Army.

Thank you for giving of yourselves to this country that we all love so much.

We love you all very much.
















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