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Morris and Ettie Silber: Following their children, their grandchildren and their dreams


Morris and Ettie Silber of Johannesburg are making Aliya to join their children and grandchildren in Israel. Morris (89) and Ettie (85) are fulfilling their lifetime dream of living in the Holy land. They will be staying with their children, Alan and Diane Silber and grandchildren, Yishai, Danit, Batsheva and Michal.

At ages 89 and 85 respectively, both Morris and Ettie are excited and keen to pack up their belongings and to start the next phase and new adventure of their lives.

Morris, as young spirited as ever, has stated that he is not coming to Israel to retire, but is looking for employment, even if he becomes a bus or taxi driver!! 

Ettie, on the other hand, is looking forward to a new circle of friends and to joining a kaluki group where she has spent many years practicing the skills of card playing. 

Alan, Diane and family made Aliya 17 years ago: their home in Raanana is as open today as it was years ago in Johannesburg, and their table is full of guests on Shabbatot and Chaggim. They look very forward to honouring Morris and Ettie in their home and at their table.

Alan flew to Johannesburg to assist in the packing and to attend to all the logistical work and admin and will fly back with them to Israel.

Both Morris and Ettie have said that it is a huge adjustment in their lives, but it is definitely worthwhile and certainly the correct thing for them to do. 

Morris and Ettie have a daughter Beverley & Roy Lomnitz , grandchildren and two great grandchildren in Johannesburg as well as a son, Colin and Janice, grandchildren and great grandchildren in Canada.

"The years of travelling to see and be with family in Australia, Canada and other places are over for us and now that we will be in the center of the world, they will all be able to visit us in our new home in Israel", say Morris and Ettie. 

Grandaughter Gabi Baker, has said she will miss them terribly and is motivated for her and husband Mark to think about joining them in Israel as soon as possible.

Morris and Ettie will be missed by the Johannesburg community and by the members of their Shul for over 70 years, Sydenham Highlands North. Their loss will most certainly be Israels gain.

We all wish Morris and Ettie Silber the very best of health, strength, peace and happiness in their mitzvah of making Aliya. Kol Hakavod to the both of them and let their Aliya be a source of inspiration and motivation to all Jews across the globe, to make Aliya, no matter from where or at what age.




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