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Baruch Dayan Haemet - Adv Shai Newstead has passed away

This week the young Advocate from Eilat, Adv. Shai Newstead passed away at the young age of 43.  For the last 2 1/4 years Shai bravely fought the lung cancer from which he suffered, but due to the stringent radiation and the very strong chemotherapy he underwent, he suffered from severe side effects which eventually led to his death.  Shai left behind a devastated mother, a grieving brother and sister, a brokenhearted wife and four beautiful children.  His youngest child was born just six short weeks before he was diagnosed with this terrible illness.
His law partner, Adv. Itzik Cohen, told us about the friend he had lost, who he had met at the Eilat Police where Shai was a Public Prosecutor. Shai first acted as a defense counsel and thereafter he asked to become a public prosecutor.  In the end, Shai and Itzik left the Police where they had acted as Public Prosecutors and opened a law office together.  Adv. Cohen tells how they were forced to close the office when Shai's cancer was detected, and from that time, Shai unfortunately spent most of his time being treated for his illness.  About a year ago the illness disappeared and the entire family (16 of them, including Shai, his wife and 3 of his 4 children (they decided to leave his baby boy, who was only one year old at that time with his mother-in-law) his mother, his brother and sister, with their respective wife and husband and their children went to Crete to celebrate Shai's reprieve.
Sadly, however, the illness returned.   Adv. Cohen reported that during his last conversation with Shai, Shai told him that he was once again free of the illness.  Tragically, however, the problems with which he was left after the stringent treatments were very serious.  On Sunday Shai underwent a further operation, but from then, very unfortunately his condition worsened.
When Adv. Cohen was asked how Shai sounded on Friday during their conversation, he reported that he sounded absolutely normal.  "He even joked with me, and promised that he would be leaving the hospital and would be returning to Eilat very soon".
Adv. Limor Lahav expressed her pain and sorrow at Shai's passing:  "He was one of the most brilliant lawyers in Eilat", she said, "he was a genius and had many, many friends.  Shai's wedding to his wife, Revital, was the first wedding which was held at the "Papaya" beach.  The entire police force attended.

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