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A response to Ronnie Feldman's personal reflections on the Telfed trip to the South

Dear sir,
Your article about your tour of the south of the country whilst interesting, was inaccurate.
Sde Nitzan was never built to the South of it’s present location or, in fact, in any other location than it’s present one. It was named after Bernard Bloomfield (of Bloomfield Stadium fame) who donated the money for the the original infrastuctre and remained a firm friend of the moshav – visiting us many times and also financing the building of the swimming pool in the moshav. 
The first 30 houses were built and the first settlers moved on to the moshav during the summer of 1974 (although some members who had helped with the physical building of the greenhouses had lived on Tame Eliahu – a neighbouring moshav -  for a couple of years before then).
I moved in with my wife and four young children in June that year (1974). 
Interestingly one of the conditions of acceptance as a member in those early days was that candidates had to be Anglo-Saxons and had to have an academic qualification - although both of these were soon dropped. 
The houses were 97 metres in size – larger than the norm for the Sochnut (Jewish Agency) as it was felt that Anglo-Saxon immigrants would not accept a smaller, standard size sochnut house. The greenhouses were built of glass at the insistence of Eddie Peretz – a new immigrant from Jersey via New Zealand who had the original idea of growing greenhouse tomatoes for export to Europe during the winter.
After a few years ,when it was realized that growing tomatoes was not going to provide a large enough income, other crops were introduced and various orchards were planted on an individual basis. Gradually people realized that the use of volunteer labour was not efficient and other sources of labour were developed.
Over the years the moshav was developed and more members joined.
I lived on Sde Nitzan until October 2010 (serving on the Vaad and also as Rosh Vaad and Vaad Bikoret), when ill health forced me to leave and move to my current location in order to be near to my youngest son.
I still have good friends on Sde Nitzan and am very proud to have been part of its history.
Roy Susman 

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