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The 50th Maayan Baruch Volunteer Reunion

As tensions rose in Israel in April/May 1967 the Southern African Zionist youth from all the youth movements, prepared for the near certain eventuality that war would break out in Israel. Telfed (aka “The Fed” ) decided to send a small delegation to Israel to evaluate the situation first hand which resulted in a positive decision to send volunteers to Israel from Jewish communities all over the world.

Lone soldiers lunch in Jerusalem

"As an advisor in the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin and as a Telfed volunteer, I organized a lunch for some lone soldiers to the Hummus ben Sira in Jerusalem last week. 

Telfed celebrates 25 years of partnership with the Doone SA Charitable Trust

This past week, Telfed welcomed to Israel representatives of the Doone SA Charitable Trust: Chair Julian Beare, fellow Trustee Mary Kluk, as well as Jonathan Beare, Mark Beare and Adam Pincus.  The visit centred on the Foundation’s Annual General Meeting, held each year at the Telfed offices in Raanana.  

Telfed welcomes Na'ale

​A group of Southern African high school students from three different boarding schools participating in the Na’ale program were invited to the Telfed offices for a nice get together on the 14th of June. The Na'ale programme was established in 1992 with the goal of providing Jewish high school students worldwide the opportunity to study in Israel. 

Understanding Your Payslip

The Telfed Jerusalem Youth Committee organized an evening with accountant Gidon Broide of Broide & Co to explain the Israeli payslip, pensions and 'keren hishtalmut'. For many young olim, finances are a daunting task, especially when trying to deal with it in Hebrew.



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