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Ashkelonians Assemble

In mid November a large group of Ashkelon English speaking residents attended a seminar hosted jointly by the Telfed Ashkelon Regional Committee and the E.S.O.A. (English speakers of Ashkelon). The lecture focused on steps to be taken in the case of various emergencies, with municipality members discussing the systems which the city has in place for a range of crises, including natural disasters through to missing persons and traffic accidents. 

Helping Olim with Mental Health needs

Headed by M.K. (Minister of Parliament) Dr. Avraham Neguisa, the Knesset Aliyah and Klita Committee (in conjunction with the World Zionist Organization), invited Telfed to address members of the Knesset and Zionist organisations on the topic of assistance for new olim with mental health problems. 


Pursuing the path of construction with Israel... not destruction!

ANC 54 Conference - Picture - Thomas Holder/EWN

These are trying times when meaningful and constructive change – not outdated slogans –  is demanded by the People of South Africa.

Celebrating Chanukah

Telfed, together with its housing company ISRENTCO, held their annual Chanukah parties for the residents of their buildings in Tel Aviv (Amishav Street) and Ra’anana (Schwartz Street).



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