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TECI (Telfed Ethiopian Community Initiative) gives back!

Residents of the IDAN home for the Aged in Jerusalem happily welcoming donations from Teci Yad 2

Machal memorial service at Sha’ar Hagai for Yom Hazikaron

This year our MC “First Lady” Zippy Porath was joined by Nitza Saphir, daughter of the late Yaakov Kleiner, a Machalnik from Argentina, to MC our Memorial Service.

Shluchot 1967 Reunion

In mid May 2017, a group of volunteers that were based in Kibbutz Shluchot during the 6 day war held a reunion with 36 of the 48 original members. Over the years, the majority of the group made Aliyah and all have settled well. 

" Holocaust through the eyes of the 2nd Generation"

Telfed Jerusalem together with Wits Israel Alumni & Zionist Council in Israel hosted:  

"Holocaust through the eyes of the 2nd Generation"



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