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An English approach to IDF service

Service in the IDF… made clear – in English

Three years ago the two fund raising organisations for the IDF – “Libi” and the “Agudah Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”, joined together to create “Yachad Le’Ma’an Ha’Chayal”. 220 million Shekels is raised each year and is distributed to the soldiers according to the needs defined by the IDF.

Telfed attends 2017 Jerusalem Municipality Aliyah and Klita Committee meeting

Telfed was invited to attend the final 2017 Jerusalem Municipality Aliyah and Klita Committee meeting. At this session, the municipal departments and NGO’s dealing with absorption in the city of Jerusalem, presented their annual reports summarising their 2017 activities.


OlimShield is an organization that provides (paid) services for Olim.

Wedding Budgets in Israel

How much are chutznikim paying for weddings in Israel?

Planning a wedding can be stressful... but planning a wedding in Israel can be a flipping nightmare!

Legacy of Light

Telfed and Beth Protea joined together on 18th December to present a short documentary celebrating the life of the late Cantor Abraham Immerman at Beth Protea.



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