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Visit to the Israel Guide Dog Centre

Report on the visit to Rehovot by Michael Adler, a member of the visiting group:

Update from South Africa

Telfed was honoured to host Hagai Dagan at its EXCO (Executive Council) meeting, held at the Telfed offices in Ra’anana on Monday 29 January 2018.

The humanitarian side of Israel

Left to right: Roy Scher, David Kramer and Dr. Les Glassman

Quilts for Neo-Natal Units

"These quilts began when I asked friends if they would like to help make 9 patch blocks to begin the process of making small quilts for Neo-Natal units.

Welcome Julie

L-R: Julie Berman, Batya Shmukler and Robby Hilkowitz

Opening of The Telfed Community Center

There was an excited air of expectation and interest at the opening of the new Telfed Community Centre at the Amishav residential building in Tel Aviv last week.

Financial tips for Olim


Telfed presents, together with Jay Hait, Adv., and Michelle Freedman, The Calming Coach, a Series of Events:  "Navigating your Klita in Israel"



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