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ברוכים הבאים New Olim!

Nate and Marcia Peretzman are greeted at the airport by daughter Keri, son-in-law Doron and grandchildren, Oriel,Tanya Batya,Tuvia & Yedidya. The Peretzmans are headed for Netanya, Via Yad Binyamin, where there family lives. Mazal Tov on your Aliyah!

By Dave Bloom

Meeting a group of ten Olim recently from South Africa on a flight from Johannesburg via Addis Abba has its challenges and rewards. The expected arrival time was 3:30 a.m and as the Telfed representative to meet them I made sure to be there on time (having checked arrivals on the Internet). As soon as I got to the airport I was informed the flight would be delayed and arrive closer to 5:00 am so I could have slept for another hour at least. Eventually the plane did land and all was well.
The olim came off the plane with broad smiles of expectation - despite their long and arduous flight. The group were mainly youngsters in the early twenties with one mature couple - Nate and Marcia Peretzman. 
After initial passport control I guided the group to the Ministry of Absorption offices via bus to another terminal and they were processed quite quickly by the ministry officials. The olim receive their Teudat Oleh, register for Kupat Cholim (medical aid), receive their ID cards and the first cash payment of their klita package.
Within an hour all ten had finished the process and we returned to the main terminal to pick up their luggage and catch taxis to their first destinations.
Happy Landings!
The Olim were finally ready to head to their new homes and lives:
  • Gavin and Yoni headed for Beit Brodetsky Ulpan in Tel Aviv. 
  • Courtney headed to Beit Shemesh.
  • Gidon headed to Kiryat Yam. 
  • Lindy headed to Haifa, 
  • Moran headed to her family in Rishon LeZion, 
  • Tiffany and Marc headed towards Ulpan Etzion in Haifa.  
  • The Peretzman's headed to Yad Binyamin to be with their family
This delightful group of newcomers was a pleasure to assist and they continued with big smiles and jokes throught the initial bureacratic encounter on arrival. I have met many groups over the years and I must say the Ministry of Absorption have become more efficient and pleasant so the reward for Telfed and for me personally is enabling the olim to have a positive  experience on their arrival to their new home country - we call it a "soft landing". 

We wish them all בהצלחה in whatever path they choose and they do know that Telfed will be there to assist them along the way.

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