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Living a meaningful life

From left to right: Telfed Jerusalem Chairman Roy Scher with Liora Amitai, Avi Perez and Bev Ehrlich.

Telfed Jerusalem & World Mizrachi joined forces once again in a stimulating evening event entitled "WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE A MORE MEANINGFUL LIFE?"

The gathering was held in the renowned TEDx style with 3 twenty minute talks delivered by excellent presenters.

The event began at 7.30 with attendees coming in from icy cold Jerusalem weather to a welcome pot of home cooked vegetable soup, as well as a beautifully displayed table of cut vegetable strips, dips, a selection of cheeses and crackers, all healthy and nutritious to blend in with the topic of discussion. The healthy desserts (@foodforthoughtisrael - Instagram) which were all created by recent Olah from Cape Town Lili Goldberg, were of a very high standard.

The official part of the evening opened at 8.00 with Telfed CEO Dorron  Kline introducing Telfed Jerusalem Chairman Roy Scher who then welcomed all and introduced the speakers.

Dorron spoke of the importance of feeling connected and encouraged the audience to become involved with Telfed's numerous projects.

World Mizrachi CEO Rav Doron Perez addressed the audience, and included a short explanation about the wonderful organization which he is honoured to lead. He ended with inspiring words about Moshe Rabeinu growing up in Pharaoh's palace and how this was necessary and essential for him to grow and develop into a position of true leadership and by no way feel like a slave.

Roy then called upon the first speaker of the evening.

Liora Amitai has a successful clinic in Ramot which she has been running for more than 20 years. Liora is an expert in guided imagery which she uses as a powerful tool that enables development, healing and growth. Her topic was "Body-mind connection, the use of guided Imagery to promote better health & well-being". Liora concluded her professional talk by engaging the crowd with a guided imagery exercise.

Bev Ehrlich is a professional life coach, specializing in new immigrants and families, Bev is renowned for her talents in guiding and helping others to achieve their goals. She delivered an exciting presentation "Making your dreams come true"  by catching the audience's attention as she positioned herself close to the crowd. Bev offered all attending a free gift of 1 trial session of coaching. 

Avi Perez is the founder of a soul based form of coaching called 'Redemption Coaching' and has over 10 years' experience in coaching. He is 'Reality Therapy Certified' & has a Professional Counselor's Diploma.  Avi spoke with deep passion, his topic being "Living as a Masterpiece - a unique piece of the Master". He explained the meaning of Redemption Coaching, defined as moving from the periphery of life to its center. It centres on the principle that the more in sync we are with our inner spiritual world, the more we learn to live a redeemed life as the best version of ourselves no matter our age or circumstances.

Closing the successful event Roy thanked the speakers and presented each with a gift  for Tu B'shvat as a token of appreciation for their presentations. He also thanked his wife Terry as well as Maxine of World Mizrachi for all their efforts in helping to ensure the event would be a success. He proceeded to inform the crowd of a series of forthcoming interesting and inspiring events to be held in the months ahead.

Article written by Telfed Jerusalem Chairman Roy Scher

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