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The life and times of Isaac Ochberg

Of special interest to all present and former Southern Africans!
Book now availabe:
The legendary saga of the life and times of one of South Africa's greatest , but relatively unknown, Jewish sons, Isaac Ochberg (1878-1937).
Isaac Ochberg
From "The Zionist Record" - Johannesburg - Dec 1937
"He has crowned a lifetime of generous giving by testamentary dispositions of princely munificence, whch bear eloquent testimony to the moral stature and the feeling for true and lasting values which distinguished this devoted son of his people.  He goes down in our annals as an outstanding Jew of his generation."
Two of his crowning achievements were :
  • the rescue of 177 orphan children from the ravages of Eastern Europe in 1921 and bringing them to South Africa and
  • making the largest ever individual bequest to the Jewish National Fund (JNF/KKL).
Dedicated to the rectification of what is considered to be a grave injustice - the fact that too little is known of this man. The Isaac Ochberg Heritage Committee - Israel, continues to campaign following the inauguration of the impressive Ochberg Memorial Site in Ramot Menashe Park sponsored by the JNF/KKL in July 2011.
South Africans may be justly proud of the community that has always produced outstanding philanthropists dedicated to the welfare of the needy.  The  story of Isaac Ochberg is but one shining example.
A series of books is now available.  
For local mailing contact Bennie Penzik - or Mobile 054-8133359 
For purchase on the Internet enabling world-wide availability/mailing - 
            Memories of Oranjia                           
            This Was A Man  (the life story of Isaac Ochberg)                                                         
            The Pinsker Orphans                          
            The Ochberg Orphans                       
The books have been compiled by David Solly Sandler of Perth WA and are also available from him via email : . Total proceeds are remitted to Arcadia and Oranjia, the two Jewish orphanages in South Africa still caring for Jewish Children in need and to the JDC (The Joint Distribution Committee) of the USA.


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