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A personal story of life after Aliyah

We are Danny and Jill Herczeg. We came to Israel from South Africa with two small children in February 1973, and a few months later found ourselves in the middle of the Yom Kippur War. In the 40 years that have followed we have enjoyed many adventures, suffered some hardships and experienced quite a few more wars.


In 1975 we moved to a settlement where our third child was born in 1978.  In 1980 family issues warranted our return to South Africa. In 1986 we returned to Israel, this time to the north of Israel where further adventures and a few more wars awaited us. We have lived in the town of Karmiel in the Western Galilee since 1987.

After many years of hard work, we reached pension age and had to decide – sit on the settee and watch television or embark on one of the biggest adventures of our lives – starting our own business – and what an adventure it has been.

We had no doubt what we wanted to do. Our home was filled with boxes of hand made beaded jewelry and our shelves were filled with hand turned wooden bowls, vases and other ornaments resulting from our respective hobbies of bead weaving and wood turning. We decided to combine the beads and the wood and created something unique - jewelry combining wood, beads and gem stones.


After getting positive feedback from family and friends, we borrowed a table, loaded up our very small Hyundai Getz and set off for our first craft fair. We named our business “Beads in the Woods”. Our first sale at this craft fair was very exciting and although it was our only sale of the day, it did not deter us from trying again and again and again. Two and a half years have passed since that day and we have travelled thousands of kilometers (in a bigger car) to various craft fairs and festivals.


During this time we have expanded our range to include not only jewelry but other unique items. We have also spent many hours improving the design and layout of our stall and now consider ourselves quite the professionals. Our sales have steadily increased but our greatest satisfaction comes from the many friends we have made with fellow artists and the many wonderful people we have met at the fairs.

An added bonus is the wonderful support we receive from our children and grandchildren who are very proud of us and enjoy helping us and visiting us at the fairs.

We have built up a considerable following of satisfied customers who return to us whenever they need special and unique gifts. Besides selling at craft fairs, our home is always open to customers and our creations have found their way to all parts of the country and to the four corners of the world.  We have even sent hand made wooden spinning tops to a customer in Honolulu.

We have an active Facebook Page (Beads in the Woods) where we display new pieces and advertise craft fairs where we will be selling.

The bottom line: A successful Aliah spanning over 40 years.      

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