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Graffiti tour

One of Telfed's goals is to ensure that olim succeed in establishing a social network in Israel.  With this in mind, Telfed's National Youth Committee, headed by Daniel Winer and in collaboration with Joshua Scher, organised a graffiti tour for young olim to explore South Tel Aviv's Florentine area. 

The tour guide Michal - a local artist herself - explained to participants what makes the neighbourhood unique and expounded on an art form that is often misunderstood and sometimes altogether ignored.

Through her inimitable energy and immense knowledge of the local artists, the youth were able to glean a rich sense of the creativity and dynamism of the street art scene.  Some pieces were forms of self expression, others political protest, while still others declarations of unrequited love. Trip participants came away feeling touched, inspired or provoked to thought in some way or another. This was topped off by ending the tour with a drink at Bugsby, one of Florentine’s culinary ‘institutions.’ As Joshua Scher reports, "it was a fun and fascinating day! Thanks to Telfed for availing us of this opportunity and to Michal who made it as special as she did".

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