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Advisory for Demonstration against the visit of Leila Khaled

The SA Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) wishes to advise the Media that the Jewish community, together with like-minded South Africans who abhor the importing of hate and the glorification of terrorism into this country, will be demonstrating against BDS-South Africa for inviting convicted terrorist, Leila Khaled to South Africa.  It is no coincidence that yesterday, after Leila Khaled spoke at the Durban University of Technology and expressed her hatred against “Zionists”, that the SRC and Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA) of the DUT issued a statement calling for Jewish students at the institution to be ‘deregistered’.  
Welcoming hate-mongers like Khaled to South Africa sends out a message that it is legitimate to discriminate against Jews, something that runs completely counter to the South African ethos of non-racialism, equality and tolerance.  
Details of the Protest
Date: 13 February
Time: 8.30am
Venue: 6 Spin Street, Cape Town, CBD
Important to Know:  A message will be received by a passenger of a flight that was hijacked by Khaled on 6 September, 1970.   
The SAJBD has been consistent in its argument that BDS-SA is using the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to import antisemitism into South Africa.  Every event of theirs has seen subsequent blatant hostility aimed at the local Jewish community;  
The protest against Israeli musicians at Wits, ultimately resulted in the chanting of “Shoot the Jew”
The Woolworths boycott resulted in the placing of a pig’s-head in what was thought to be the Kosher counter
The visit by Khaled to a University Campus resulted in the Student Representative Council calling for Jewish students to be de-registered.  
The South African Jewish community is committed to the ethos of tolerance, diversity and respect that is enshrined in our Constitution.  This is the climate that we have experienced until recently, and we believe is being eroded by the BDS’ continual intimidation and maligning of the South African Jewish community and use of threats of violence against those who reject their radical agenda. That agenda is epitomised by their glorification of terrorism and violence, as demonstrated by their hosting Leila Khaled, whose organisation the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestinian (PFLP) is responsible for the deaths of numerous Israeli civilians and remains committed to perpetrating such acts of terror.    
The SAJBD believes that it is only through negotiation that a resolution to the conflict will be found and it reaffirms its commitment to seeing a two-state solution in which Israeli and Palestinians live in secure borders, alongside each other.  This in line with what the majority of Israelis and Palestinians want.  It is also consistent with the official position of the South African Government.  
It is outrage against the glorification of terrorism by BDS as well as our commitment to peace that will see us take to the streets tomorrow.    
For More information please contact Mary Kluk on 083 775 8618 or Eric Marx on 082 4475475.  

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