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Your Blogs: Jonathan Danilowitz - The Bitter Irony

The Bitter Irony by Jonathan Danilowitz
This past August I wrote a short blog on Islamic terror, how the world seemingly ignores it, and why that “ignoring” is a big mistake. 
This week a passenger aircraft exploded over Sinai, killing all the passengers and crew on board, some 250 people. The jury is still out with the final “whodunit” verdict, but it’s pretty clear that ISIS terrorists brought the flight down by placing a bomb on board.
My ironic August blog, like the proverbial snowball, has gathered body. 
This is what I wrote then; this is what still applies now:
“I can’t ignore the bitter irony any longer.
“First let me say that I am saddened. Others might rejoice; some subdued, some joyfully; but not I. No one should take pleasure from another person’s misery. (Although that is more or less how many people in this world treated Islamic terror against Israel: “It’s only against the Jews and Israel, so why worry? It’s not our problem.”)
“But now that “why worry?” has come home to roost. It began in real earnest with the 9/11 twin towers bombing.  If you’ve been through an airport lately, you know that what was once a 10-20 minute check-in event and then a casual walk to the departure gate, is now an hours-long stressful (nauseating?) round of security, baggage checks, lines, waiting and frustration. Thanks to Islamic terrorists.
“This week the soft underbelly of the European rail system was exposed when a terrorist was prevented – by a stroke of luck – from causing mayhem on a crowded Amsterdam-Paris train. About 40 million travelers use the European railways every day(!). It is unimaginable that train travelers will be forced to go through what air travelers have to bear. The bitter irony … .
“Terrorists are laughing at you for ignoring them and thus helping them. It’s ironic, it’s sad, but it’s reality. Perhaps, just perhaps, the time has come to stand up and say: never again.
“Stop Islamic terror now. Stop ignoring it because it’s “politically correct” to do so and because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Stop, before it’s too late. Before sharia law comes to your neighborhood too”.
I am saddened.

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