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"Following in my Mother's footsteps..."

This Year's Rosh Chodesh Elul is the third since my Beloved Mother Z"L Devorah (Dawn) Nates passed away. She was an incredibly vibrant and generous woman, a true Aishet Chayil. Though her time with us was cut short, she did leave us with many treasures and is in so many ways still here with us, giving. She started and was involved in numerous community projects and through these actions lives on today.

A letter to the Editor...

"A letter to the Editor"...  A reply to the Alena Lourie Tribute  by Stephen Darori 

"Sol’s Stories Factual and Apocryphal Anecdotes" By Sol Liebgott

Sol Liebgott was a popular and influential figure in the South African Jewish community. Successful businessman, Zionist leader and devoted family man, he was the ultimate raconteur. Nobody could tell a story like him. His wry sense of humor infused every tale. He knew many people, witnessed many historic events and lived a long and productive life. This rich background is woven into the stories that make up this book.

Garin Alon Etzion were honored at the Yom Ha’Atzmaut ceremony of Alon Shvut

The families of Garin Alon Etzion who made Aliyah from South Africa to Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion 43 years ago, were honored at the Yom Haatzmaut ceremony of the Yishuv Alon Shvut.

We were invited, as a group to raise the flag.

The Sounds of Jerusalem by Sarah Sassoon

"Every city has its sounds, rhythms and pace that you either get used to or don’t. Jerusalem’s hullabaloo is radically different from the highway traffic of Johannesburg, or the fresh sea breezes of Sydney. Sounds don’t lie. Jerusalem is the orchestra pit of Judaism, Christianity and Islam."


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By "Home" I mean...

"Today, I drove down my old street in Johannesburg blasting 'Derech Hashalom' with the windows wide open. It was not because I have a particular affinity to Peer Tasi, nor was it because I think that the Glenhazel roads would greatly benefit from my rowdy behavior."

"A letter to my father, the late Joe Green" by Rena Teeger

"I was living in Israel expecting my third child thirty years ago when I heard the news that you had left us. It was on Shabbat Nachamu – the Shabbat of comfort."


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