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A helping hand for the elderly!

Candace Rudolph, an Olah from Cape Town is offering a unique and potentially life-altering service to elderly or disabled people who may find it difficult to get around and complete essential daily tasks such as shopping, going to the bank and performing other errands.

A tribute to Russell Gaddin z"l by Nicci Diamond Levenstein

I want to tell you a beautiful story.
A story of hope.
A story about love and loss,
about fear and letting go

Farewell to a Giant: a tribute to Maurice Ostroff

Maurice with his comrades-in-arm (from left to right): Mel Cohen, Hertzel Katz, Rusty Rostowsky, Harris Green, David Polovin (Chairman of the South African Lawyers for Israel) Judge Henry Shakenovsky.

Your Blogs: Jonathan Danilowitz - The Bitter Irony

The Bitter Irony by Jonathan Danilowitz
This past August I wrote a short blog on Islamic terror, how the world seemingly ignores it, and why that “ignoring” is a big mistake. 

Letter from SAJBD and SAZF in response to ANC directive against travel to Israel

Dear Community Member
Yesterday, it was reported in The Star that at the National General Council of the ANC, senior party members had criticised MPs and business figures for having visited Israel, and asserted that the ruling party needed to “conscientise South Africa’s young people, leaders and public representatives not to travel to Israel”.


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