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All you need to know about South Africa - Israel Relations

The ‘romance’ between the pioneering Jews in Southern Africa and the State of Israel, goes back long before Israel’s independence in 1948...

Learn all you need to know about the Amazing histpry between the two countries...

The Jewish Country Communities of Limpopo/Northern Transvaal by Charlotte Wiener

The book ‘The Jewish Country Communities of Limpopo/ Northern Transvaal’ recalls the history of the Jewish country communities in the northern part of South Africa from the first pioneers, who came from England and Germany, then from Lithuania and Latvia, at the end of the 18th Century until their demise at the end of the 20th Century.

An Oleh's Journey...

"Hello Doron,

I hope you are well, it has been such a long time since we last chatted, and I guess it is time to catch up, and say hello.

How time has flown, since I did Aliyah, wow the flight 31 December 2008 changed things in my life.

Musical Welcome To the New Year - Jerusalem

Some ten days before Rosh Hashanah, a lovely musical welcome was accorded to the new year about to enter the scene in the masorti Synagogue in Jerusalem - also marking the re-inauguration of the Synagogue after its renovation - by the Synagogue's Meitar Choir, conducted by Anat Rubinstein,  in a joint concert with the Eitz Chaim Choir of Raanana, conducted by Moshe Cohen.

"We'll do it our way"... by Pamela Peled

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**Reprinted with permission from 'The Jerusalem Post.' Originally appeared in 'Metro' on  Friday Dec. 30th, 2016.**

Your Blogs: Gina Jacobson - The Wheels on the Bus

See Gina Jacobson's online blog at

A few people have asked me when or if we will be getting a car and if public transport is feasible in Israel.


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