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Dr Waner offers important insights on Covid-19

South African based doctor, Dr S Waner, has shared this informatiive presentation with our community. Click here to view this presentation on Covid-19. 

Blog N.02 by Egon Roth

The Kirsch family

  Boggie, Henry, Eva with Janette between her and Sam, Olga. Becky behind her parents

Parshah in Just Two Minutes! Concise Summaries of the Weekly Parshah by Rabbi Eliyahu Shear

Throughout the years, I had seen the average parshah sheet that would be handed out in shul, but it just did not provide the fullness of the parshah I felt so many needed. Many years ago I had started working on making a systematic summary of the weekly parshah. Actually I had gone through a number of different versions of what I felt would be best for the average reader who would want a full grasp of the parshah in as little time as possible.

Shoshanah Shear Discusses the Story Behind Her Children's Book 'Tuvia Finds His Freedom'

I was brought up in Rhodesia and South Africa with strong values of being kind and caring towards all animals as well as nature and the environment. After making Aliyah, my husband and I found ourselves living for several years outside of Jerusalem, in a town where the children of large families were often left to play unsupervised, in the parks. We were witness to several acts of cruelty to all kinds of small animals.

Rosemary Kahn (R.A. Kahn) Describes Various Relationships in the Life of a Teenage Girl in Her Novel "Relationships"

A few years ago, my mother, Rosemary Kahn, a published author of 14 children's books, wrote a novel for teenagers. A fellow author in South Africa, recommended that she self-publish via My mother had her manuscript typed up but was unsure as to how to go about formatting the book into the PDF document necessary to make available for print. I had never published a book.

"The Journey Starts" by Egonne Roth

A few years ago I approached Telfed looking for any possible information about the South African Jewish poet Olga Kirsch, who made aliya in 1948. They kindly placed an advertisement in this magazine asking readers who could help to contact me. A few did and from them I learnt a number of interesting facts and made contact with yet more sources of information. Since then I have completed my research and been awarded a doctorate for my biography on Olga Kirsch.

Shoshanah Shear Shares Her Story About Writing 'Healing Your Life Through Activity'

As my late grandfather's — Professor Vincent Louis Granger (Yehuda Leib ben Yosef) — 4th Yartzheit approaches, I am excited to share with you about my book that is dedicated to his merit. The book is entitled: "Healing Your Life Through Activity — An Occupational Therapist's Story".

A Modern Aliyah - straight from the plane into a new business and private dental practice

Sometimes you have to do something crazy to create something remarkable.

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Abbe Kellner-Kutno has dreamed of moving to Israel. She grew up in a Zionist home, influenced by her parents and grandparents with reinforcement from her active involvement with Young Judaea. With each visit to Israel, came the yearning to make her visits permanent. Two years ago, she and her husband decided that time was slowly slipping away and adopted the “let’s do crazy to become remarkable” approach to their eventual Aliyah.


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