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Apocalypse soon?

Are the White people in South Africa facing an apocalypse in the near future? There is a group of Afrikaans-speaking White South Africans who believe that they are …and sooner than we think! They call them selves ‘Die Suidlanders” literally ‘The South People’ although the name, they claim, comes from The Bible, Book of Chronicles. They claim that they have over 800 000 members in close-knit groups around South Africa that meet each other spiritually, emotionally and with practical preparation to assist in times of need –and those times are coming!
We met with four of their top hierarchy in the Eastern Cape town of Graff-Reinet. Gustave Muller, is the Media Officer and has a background in the Intelligence Services. “We are preparing the Boer Nation (i.e. Afrikaners) to face a full-blown genocide. We are expecting a Civil War with the Blacks bringing a rebellion against the Whites here. We have formed an organization called ‘Die Suidlanders’ to formulate an emergency plan with a command structure and control network to effectively inform large groups of people with viable emergency plans.
“I want to point out that nothing that we plan to do is in any way illegal or against the laws of the land. We are not armed nor do we intend to be. The Government knows about us as we are not a secret or underground movement but they are trying to make out that we are a Far Right Wing group filled with hatred. We have had a programme about us on National Television which was very prejudiced against us.”
Coenie Maree, who comes from Pretoria, said that people are aware of the conflict which is coming. “The media is quite open about it, although not purposely. If one looks at the farm murders which are ongoing and over 3500 Boer farmers have been killed, this is a low scale war, to remove white farmers from the land. But we believe that the major conflict will start in the high density population areas, such as the bigger cities. There have been over 500 hundred protest movements by mostly disaffected Blacks, together with unemployed youths recently. If one of these protests gets out of hand and shops are smashed and looted, there is no way the police will stop it even if they have the will to do so, and anyway, why should they protect White property? The National Security people do not want this news to spread so it is played down. You know, overseas investments and so on….”  
“The ground level planning is done by each of our groups with emergency plans ready to be co-ordinated between themselves. The individual groups only know the other groups closest to themselves, so, in the event of one group being investigated there would be very little that they would be able to divulge about other groups.”
Maree said that the country is highly charged emotionally and that might push the limit out of control and this could evolve into revolution.
“We will see an African Spring and if you look at Africa, there is constantly an African Spring going on. If you look back to 1994 when the new Government took over, we have gone backwards. The level of inequality is greater now than then; the murder rate is higher than Syria and Libya. The military does not exist. Our police force is corrupt; statistics show that nearly 1500 currently serving policemen have criminal convictions yet they are still in the Force. Our national power grid is so shaky- it is on the verge of breakdown. Power outages and black-outs are regular occurrences.”
“Then there is the Julius Malema factor. He is a convincing demagogue who has the support of the Black Youth, many of whom are unemployed and have nothing to lose in an uprising. Malema is facing charges of corruption, racketing and tax avoidance, but these will be delayed constantly and they will not come to much. A South African Spring is coming for sure.”
John MacFarlane, with a good Scottish name, compared South Africa to Egypt. “In Egypt it was the government structures which were being attacked; this is not the case here. The trigger will be something cataclysmic. We thought that it might have been the passing of Nelson Mandela but he has held on in hospital for over two months now. What it will be we cannot anticipate.”
Coenie Maree 
“Dr. Gregory Stanton, Head of a non-profit organisation called Genocide Watch wrote about the farm-murders. “There is a co-ordinated campaign of genocide being conducted against white farmers, known as Boers... It is very clear that the massacres are not common crimes.”  He has moved the Genocidal Scale here up from Level 5 to Level 6. The South African government does not give out statistics of crime.
‘It is believed that the regular bombing of ATM Cash Machines are not common robberies but because of the sophistication needed they are part of some other funding. Also it is admitted that there are al-Qaeda Training Camps in this country but that is glossed over.”
“My personal opinion is that if you have a white skin and there is no way out of this country then you have a problem.”
Wendy Macfarlane spoke for the younger generation. There are over a million young South Africans living abroad: over 350 000 in London alone. Other favoured places are America, Canada and Australia.
“I don’t feel safe,” she said. “But I get some comfort from ‘Die Suidlanders’. I want to be involved. They are not an aggressive organisation.”
She pointed to the badge that they were all wearing. a glass raindrop set in silver. It signified Psalm 126, “Sow with tears and reap in joy.” She went on, “We are all strong Christians and our approach is peaceful and moral.”
The group were not at all sanguine. It is not only the Whites who will be targeted, but also the Mixed Cape Coloured Community, the Indians and the foreigners who are mostly asylum seekers from states to the north of South Africa.  They mentioned that the Jews in Germany in the 1930s saw the warning signs but many believed that it could not happen there.
Could it happen here?  Are they waiting for the apocalypse?
By posting this piece Telfed in no ways endorses its thesis and merely provides a platform for Mr Slier to express himself.
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