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Your Blogs: Martine Alperstein - 18 Thoughts for 18 Years


18 Thoughts for 18 Years


1.    18 years ago I fulfilled a dream. I made Aliyah. The taxi driver who picked me up at Ben Gurion airport and drove me to Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem, made me wait in his car while he went into the Ulpan office to ensure he had brought me to the correct place.

2.    I made Aliyah on my birthday

3.    The first year was damn hard!

4.    Friends became family

5.    The homeless beggars in the street were Jews. Very hard to comprehend

6.    Religious does not mean righteous

7.    I have worked as a nurse, a receptionist, an office manager, a QA tester, an executive assistant, an online editor, a project coordinator, a project manager and I ran my own home industry for 3 plus years

8.    The amazing women I met and collaborated with as part of Telfed’s home industry group – Naomi, Sharon, Debbie, Michelle, Leonie, Susan, Vivienne – we helped, supported, guided, collaborated, laughed, cried, learned and had some great times

9.    I love the shuk

10.My children are sabras

11.I will always drink tea with milk

12.The most painful realization was the animosity, lack of respect, lack of patience and acceptance between the national religious, the ultra-orthodox, the secular, the conservative, the traditional and everything else in-between. We are all just Jews

13.I love living in Modiin. What a great city

14.I miss my brothers

15.Telfed have been a tremendous support

16.I found my voice

17.Every fallen soldier and victim of terror, is an excruciatingly painful loss

18.Am Yisrael Chai!

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