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Zimbabwe Jewish Community Reunion held in Cape Town


Held at the Sukkah Hall of the Gardens Shul in Cape Town – the ZJC reunion was organised by Dave Bloom, Lyn (Rosenbaum) Foster, Larry Aberman and Trevor Lobel and the turnout was much higher than originally expected.

“I reckoned that 50-60 people would attend,” said Dave “but we ended up with nearly 110 which made the event even more special,” he said.

A slide presentation in the hall showed images of the community spanning over 118 years of history.

Mervyn Smith of the African Jewish Congress addressed the audience and Dave Bloom also welcomed everyone and spoke about the close-knit community that is now dispersed all over the world.  As Chairman of Telfed, SAZF (Israel), the umbrella organization of Southern Africans living in Israel, Dave spoke extensively about Aliyah prospects and the support services that the organization offers to ensure a smooth aliyah and klita to Israel.  He spoke of the measures Telfed undertakes to ensure successful integration of new olim to life and the community in Israel.  Dave also mentioned the ZJC website and Facebook page which has attracted many hundreds of followers and spawned some excellent writings. He quoted from one posting by Steven Abromovitz who writes a blog on his childhood in Zimbabwe.

Dave expressed the hope that more Zimbabweans who consider aliyah to Israel and that the get-together would become a tradition in Cape Town as it already is for the ZJC community in Israel.   For more pictures see the gallery here:

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