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Telfed young professionals Shabbaton

On 25th August, roughly 50 Southern African and Australian Olim arrived at the Macabim guesthouse on the outskirts of Modiin for a Telfed young professionals Shabbaton.

The Shabbaton gave the participants an opportunity to disconnect from the frenetic pace of Israeli society and reconnect with themselves, and in particular gave them the time and space to reflect on what brought them to Israel in the first place.

There is tremendous value in a shared journey: Bonding with other olim from similar backgrounds allowed the youth to remember the bigger picture (which often gets forgotten in the midst of the frenetic lives many lead in Israel today). 

Deep meaning aside, the weekend was also, simply fun. Delicious food, free-flowing whiskey and world-class banter made for an unforgettable experience and ensured that everyone would readily sign up for the next event!

Article written by Josh Benjamin

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