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Wedding Budgets in Israel

How much are chutznikim paying for weddings in Israel?

Planning a wedding can be stressful... but planning a wedding in Israel can be a flipping nightmare!

Due to the loving and timid nature of people from overseas (chutznikim), we become easy victims to the evil predators of the Israeli wedding industry... ;) Sorry, never intended to be TOO dramatic... :)

Basically BH everyone reaches a stage when the time comes to plan a wedding. And since as chutznikim, we have less experience and knowledge about the Israeli wedding industry, I therefore thought it would be beneficial for us to learn from each others experiences.

If you have organised a wedding in Israel, please fill in this anonymous questionnaire and send it to all of your married friends, and then I will publish the data and hopefully help many other chutznikim properly budget for their dream Israeli wedding.

If you would like me to e-mail you the data, please just send me an e-mail:

Article submitted by Daniel Winer
Telfed National Youth Committee Chairman


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