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Volunteer Opportunities

There are several ways you can volunteer through Telfed:

  • Be part of a regional committee
    Telfed has 24 regional committees throughout the country. Join one in order to:
    • Welcome new Olim to your area
    • Create a community of Southern African Olim by arranging regional events
    • Join our social projects: Lone Soldiers, Ethiopian Community, Time Bank Project and others ...
      or simply create your own!
  • Join the Telfed Ethiopian Community Initiative (TECI)
    • Teach children English (Hadera)
    • Serve as an English and/or Life Mentor for an Ethiopian student
    • Teach adults English and/or Computer Skills
    • Take part of our TECI Committee; help influence our policies and projects.
  • ​​​Join the MAKSAM Smile
    Few Ethiopian children in Hadera have parents or grandparents able to help them with their homework. You can become part of the MAKSAM smile by contributing a small amount of your time each week in the late afternoon to help school pupils.  
    Contact us here.

  • Join our A-Team of database and office volunteers
    A large part of our office administration is managed by volunteers. If you have computer skills, we have important projects for you to handle!

  • Join one of our sub-committees
    Each Telfed activity (such as awarding of scholarships and financial assistance, housing etc.) is accompanied by a committee of volunteers and coordinated by a staff member.  Take part in one of our various sub-committees to influence our policies and projects:
    • Finance
    • Housing
    • Fundraising
    • Scholarships
    • Media
    • Events

Are you able to translate?

  • If you’re good at translating from Hebrew to English (and vice versa) and would like to help out – we are looking for you! Please contact Dana Ben Chail at:, tel. 09-7907805.
  • Submit your own idea!



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