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Planning Aliya from Australia?

On Monday March 5th we held a video conference with staff members of the Israel Aliyah Centre offices in Australia.


Sydney office: Ianir Lewin (Shaliach), Natty Meroz
Melbourne office: Tzophiya Katz (Shaliach), Rinat Kedem, Becky Kiper-Fox 
Telfed: Dorron Kline, Ariela Siegel, Daniela Shapira, Yael Strausz

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce new staff members, for both sides to be reacquainted , to go over work procedures, manage expectations and to strengthen the working relationship.

We raised current issues with Olim and both the Israel Aliyah Centre as well as Telfed provided feedback and perspective.

We all aim to help Olim have a solid Aliyah plan and a smooth absorption into Israeli society. To this purpose, Telfed agreed to gather information and send relevant materials to the Israel Aliyah Centre offices to be handed out to potential Olim.


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