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L'chaim to Viticulture in Har Hevron

From the blog of the Telfed Hebron Hills Regional Committee
A cave in the southern Judean Hills’ region of Har Hevron….that’s  where it all began! In 2006 Elad and Naava Movshovitz  set out in true pioneering spirit to start producing wine. From a mere 200 bottles of wine in the cool darkness of that cave their enterprise has steadily expanded and now boasts a production of around 7000 bottles annually.
“Shokek” is what this young couple calls their fledgling wine industry. The name means both “full of life” and “having a desire”, and their obvious joy, enthusiasm and desire to make a success of this venture do justice to their choice of “Shokek” as a trademark.
Tourists and local visitors to this up and coming little winery, flanked on either side by a goats’ milk dairy and a honey producing venture, will no doubt be reminded of the biblical designation of Israel as an “Eretz chalav v’dvash”,  a land of milk and honey, and will be given an opportunity to get a taste of all three these delicacies of the Land upon visiting “Shokek”.
Elad and Naava have further expanded their vision by acquiring two vineyards in the area to grow their own grapes. Their desire is to “make it” in this highly competitive arena which currently produces over ten million bottles of wine annually throughout Israel.  Tasting these two initial wines marketed under the labels “Shaked” and “Rotem” in honor of two of their three children convinces one that they have got something really good going here.
This blog called “Diary of an Awakening” seeks to highlight this kind of entrepreneurship blossoming in Har Hevron because it represents the restoration and awakening of our Land also in the field of viticulture – after all, the growing of grapes, harvesting and wine making have existed here since biblical times. The fruit of the vine is not mentioned as one of the seven blessed species of fruit in Israel for nothing! Ironically Israel’s wine making industry today depends almost entirely on French grape varieties which had to be imported from France because of the destruction of our ancient Israeli vineyards including our indigenous grape varieties during centuries of Islamic rule.
BUT the tables have been turned! Israeli’s like Naava and Elad are once again tapping into and reclaiming the blessing of Jacob in Genesis 49 on the tribe of Judah who would “tether his ass’s foal to a choice vine” and would be blessed with abundance to the point of washing “his garment in wine”. 
To visit “Shokek” here in the Judean Hills you can contact Naava at 054 227 1153, by mail at and by visiting their site at You are invited to come and taste the wine and drink a L”Chaim”  to their continued success here in Har Hevron! 
Compiled by Yoana Yehudah.

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