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From Hebrew-School Pupil in Joburg to Hebrew-Language Teacher in Israel

By Ami Steinberger  
Founder and Director of Ulpan La-Inyan
Ilana "Lani" Margolias was born in Johannesburg. She has been teaching Hebrew with Ulpan La-Inyan since it first came to Raanana several years ago.
Lani's own Hebrew-learning journey took off at age seven when her family made aliyah. Though they were to return to South Africa a few years later, Lani spent several critical years of primary school in Israeli classrooms at the Merkaz Klita in Mevaseret Zion, and soon afterwards in Raanana. She now looks back on these years as a gift, having afforded her the opportunity of learning to speak Hebrew at a young age.
The family returned to Johannesburg, but the passion for Israel was already burning in their hearts. Lani continued to study Hebrew abroad and kept coming back to Israel for holidays. She attended Zionist and Torah study programs in Jerusalem, where she continued to improve her Hebrew. At university in South Africa Lani concentrated her studies in clinical psychology, as well as the Hebrew language.
In 1994, Lani married Vaughn Margolias in South Africa. There they built a home together and had four children, but then transplanted it to Israel to fulfill their dream. In Israel they had their two sabras (israeli born descendents).
Lani says she knows that "it's very challenging to learn Hebrew in such an Anglo place" as Raanana, but "despite the hardships, people CAN learn Hebrew." Her patience, meticulous commitment to each student's progress and belief in their ability to succeed in learning Hebrew are some of the things that make it such an enjoyable experience to attend her lessons.
Lani may have trailblazed the way by making aliyah with Vaughn and the children, but today Lani's sister and parents all live in Raanana. (Her mother Aida, was a Hebrew teacher in South Africa and taught Hebrew to the CEO of Telfed, Dorron Kline, when he was a young student in Johannesburg.) 
Details of classes to be hosted at Telfed Building, Rechov Schwartz 19/1, Raanana:
Level 1
6-7:30pm Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs
April 19 - May 27
Level 2
9-10:30am  Sun Tues,Thurs
April 19 - June 7
Level 4
10:45am-12:15pm, Sun,Tues,Thurs
April 19 - June 7
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