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Telfed heads to Jerusalem

Daniela Shapira (Aliyah & Klita Advisor), Ariela Siegel (Social Worker and Head of Aliyah & Klita) and Yael Strausz (Employment Advisor) met with new Olim at Ulpan Etzion in Jerusalem. These young professionals from South Africa and Australia made Aliyah less than a month ago and were reassured to know that they have someone to turn to when needed.

After a brief introduction to Telfed and its various departments and services, Telfed staff members explained how they can assist the Olim with their absorption in Israel. They went around the room and each Oleh shared their personal story, experience so far and hopes and dreams for their future in Israel. 

Telfed is committed to assisting each oleh to build a productive and rewarding life in Israel. Welcome home!

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