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Shoshanah Shear Discusses the Story Behind Her Children's Book 'Tuvia Finds His Freedom'

I was brought up in Rhodesia and South Africa with strong values of being kind and caring towards all animals as well as nature and the environment. After making Aliyah, my husband and I found ourselves living for several years outside of Jerusalem, in a town where the children of large families were often left to play unsupervised, in the parks. We were witness to several acts of cruelty to all kinds of small animals. Cats, birds and even family pets such as a bunny rabbit, ducks and tortoise. This kind of behaviour even extended to the environment, where children could be seen bending and damaging young trees and trampling on bushes, having no respect at all for the nature surrounding them. Not being our own children, there seemed little we could do about the situation. Since my husband shares my attitude to the importance of showing respect and kindness to animals and nature, we set to work to find a solution. This is the background that inspired us to write our first children's book, based on a true story about a turtle and using our own photographs as illustrations. This book has been self-published through CreateSpace.

We got in touch with a friend of ours, Dana Baum who is also an Olah from South Africa. Dana has done an outstanding job of translating the book into Hebrew. My husband then added the Nikud, making it easier for children to read the book too. Adding Nikud is actually a major job and I am so impressed by the final result.

In the back of the book we have added a list of interesting facts for children to gain some knowledge about tortoises and turtles.

If you purchase "Tuvia Finds His Freedom" in both languages, you can help your children to improve or maintain their vocabulary in both English and Hebrew. Want to improve your own Hebrew reading and vocabulary? You could benefit from this short, interesting read too. The level of Hebrew is for about an 8 - 9 year old Israeli level.

We aim to bring out a work book to go along with these books and to continue the theme with books of other animals. Purchase your copy of our books and help us to cover the costs of outsourcing for an illustrator for some of the content of the workbook.

"Tuvia Finds His Freedom" is available on Amazon and other online bookstores or via our website

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