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Telfed Tiyul: Atlit and Hecht Museum

The Telfed Tiyul Group arranged a visit to the Atlit Salt of the Earth factory, followed by a visit to the Hecht Museum at Haifa University on Wednesday 18 October. Peter Bailey, head of Telfed's Events Committee, wrote a fascinating article, which he shared with the participants about the connection to the owners and the Oppenheimer family (to read more, click here).  

The Tiyul group was given a comprehensive history of the origins of the salt works right up to the present. In addition, they learned about the myriad uses of salt, its benefit to mankind and the environment impact. This left participants in awe of the common table salt.

The Salt of the Earth factory was followed by a visit to the Hecht Museum, with a South African connection in the form of Haifa University President, Professor Ron Robin and board member Johnnie Essakow, both fromer South Africans. Johnnie Essakow is also the honorary Portuguese Trade Consul in Israel. Ron and Johnnie both featured prominently in establishing the strong connection between the Portuguese Government and the Department of Marine Sciences at the University. 

The visit to the museum, with a focus on archeology, left the participants spellbound by the quality and quantity of exhibits. The museum is named in honour of Reuben and Edith Hecht who were great benefactors of the university. A large percentage of the exhibits came from the private collection of Reuben Hecht, an avid collector, who bequeathed his collection to the university. The highlight of the visit was seeing the 2,500 ship that was raised from the seabed off Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael after being discovered there - intact - in 1985.

The tour group enjoyed an excellent lunch in the university canteen, sitting amongst students and faculty members enjoying the excellent food on offer. The day with both relaxed and informative, a perfect balance for a day out.



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