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An evening in Neve Tzedek

By Peter Bailey

The Telfed Tiyul Committee arranged an early evening Tiyul to Neve Tzedek on 24 July 2019. We were extremely privileged to have Yair Chelouche as our guide – Yair is the great grandson of the founder of Neve Tzedek, the first neighbourhood of what was to become Tel Aviv. It was a remarkable evening exploring this beautiful, old neighbourhood through Yair’s eyes while hearing the family anecdotes related with obvious delight and pride

As a member of the Tiyul Committee responsible for planning the tiyulim, while also providing background information ahead of the tiyulim, my opinion is, admittedly, subjective. So rather than write about the tiyul, her are a few comments the Tiyul Committee received from participants after the visit to Neve Tzedek.

“Thank you for organising the tour to Neve Tzedek...... fascinating history with a "personal teller" as well.These tours (our second so far) are well worth everyone's effort (attendees and organisers). Faud who drives us so safely is to be commended. Peter Bailey and his background fill in is very interesting to listen to..... lots of reading up to prepare... thank you. Hope to be on many more of these trips.”

“Thanks so much for that very different evening tour of Neve Tzedek.  It was really enjoyable and informative as all your tours are.  I know that a lot of research and time goes into each and every tiyul. Kol HaKavod.”

“Thank you to you and the committee for a very interesting and enjoyable tiyul of Neve Tzedek. We look forward to more of these evening walks!  Regards,”


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