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Timorim vs. The National Housing Board

Hazel Gaito, Itzik Bar, Tair Cohen, Zeev Bielski and Dorron Kline

In 1948, Telfed assisted with the establishment of Kibbutz Timorim in the Galilee and then in 1954 helped with its move South to the Beer Tuvia Regional Council, near Kiryat Malachi , when it became a Moshav Shitufi (Collective Settlement).

Last month, the current 800 inhabitants of Timorim were shocked to find out that the Finance Ministry National Housing Administration had decided to immediately transfer 2,000 dunam of agricultural land from Timorim to the nearby city of Kiryat Malachi.   

If this would take place, Timorim would lose all of its agricultural land and cease to function as a Moshav Shitufi. It would simply become another small town in Israel, eventually to be incorporated into Kiryat Malachi as a part of the big city.

The Timorim Council approached Telfed and requested that we use our influence to arrange an urgent meeting with the National Housing Administration. Fortunately the director of the National Housing Administration is none other than past Telfed Aliyah Shaliach to Cape Town and former Mayor of Ra’anana – Zeev Bielski.

Within a few days the meeting was set.

Timorim was represented by its Chairman - Tair Cohen, town planner – Itzik Bar and veteran South African resident Dr. Hazel Gaito. Telfed was represented by its CEO – Dorron Kline. Zeev Bielski patiently listened to the case as presented by Timorim and Telfed.

The result of the meeting was positive. The immediate transfer of 2,000 dunam of Timorim’s agricultural land was halted. The entire procedure has been sent back to the regional planning committee, where all sides can come and make their claims. A final decision will be made only after all the alternative means of providing land to Kiryat Malachi, have been presented.

Tair Cohen, the Chairman of Timorim, had the following to say to Telfed, “ Thank you so much for your efforts on our behalf. I cannot put into words how much we appreciate your willingness to assist and your swift action, which was essential for the future of Timorim. We have won one battle and now we will continue to fight in order to preserve our Moshav Shitufi and its wonderful agriculture.”

Dr Hazel Gaito added,” Telfed was very instrumental in the change and we are most appreciative. Thanks to your swift organizing of the meeting with Zeev Bielski, we were able to present our stand before the ‘machinations’ became too involved and complicated.”

Telfed wishes Timorim best of luck. Its inhabitants know that they can count on us to assist them, as we did 70 years ago…


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