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Meet the Team

Dorron Kline

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dorron works with the Directorate and Executive Council to ensure that Telfed remains a premier oleh organisation, supporting and enabling former Southern Africans to contribute to Israeli society.  Contact details: / 09 7907 818

Nava Lapid 

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Nava brings a wealth of experience in Management and is in charge of the general operation of Telfed, including financial and legal matters pertaining to the organisation, the real estate portfolio, Trust Funds under Telfed’s administration and human resources. Contact details: / 09 7907 803

Nikki Leviner

Head of Resource Development

Nikki works closely with the CEO and COO to ensure that sufficient resources are available to support the strategic direction of the organisation.  This includes implementing a multi-faceted community relationship programme to secure resources for both short and long term development. Contact details: / 09 7907 802

Steph Roitman

Resource Development Associate

Steph assists the Head of the Resource Development Department in a variety of capacities, mainly focusing on logistics and administrative functions.  Representing the Australian antipodes, Steph's talents are put to good use helping to raise the necessary awareness of our annual activities.  Contact details: / 09 7907812

Shireen Burt 

Resource Development Associate

Shireen is in charge of donations, subscriptions and advertising.  She provides assistance to the Head of the Department in implementing the strategic plan.  Her range of skills and abilities are an 'asset' to the resource development department.  Contact details: / 09 7907 819

Helayne Shedletzky


Helayne is responsible for daily bookkeeping, preparation of bank deposits, journal entries / bank reconciliations, payments to vendors and preparation of trial balances and working papers for the annual financial audit.  Contact details: / 09 7907 802

Keren Lusky 

Accounting Dept

Keren is responsible for maintaining the books of Keren Telfed and the major Trust Funds under Telfed’s administration.  Contact details: / 09 7907 807


Dafna Rosenfeld 

Telfed Property Manager

Dafna manages Telfed’s Property Portfolio, including three buildings in Tel Aviv and Raanana with more than 105 apartments and two hundred tenants. Contact details: / 09 7907 808


Ariela Siegel

Social Worker and Head of Aliyah and Klita

Ariela is Telfed’s resident Social Worker and manages all matters relating to new olim and their absorption. She is in charge of professional counseling and assistance for new and veteran Olim. Contact details: / 09 7907 821


Daniela Shapira

Aliyah and Klita Advisor

Daniela provides information, guidance and social connections for Olim, both Pre and Post Aliyah, to ensure that they have a smooth and successful klita. Daniela is also part of Telfed's Lone Soldier Committee and is in touch with SA and AU Lone Soldiers accordingly. Contact details: / 09 7907 804

Aviva Tal Ohr 

Head of Volunteerism, Community Projects and Events

Aviva heads Telfed’s Volunteer and Events Department. She develops community projects and co-ordinates events while recruiting, training and coaching the regional, local and office volunteers.  Contact details: / 09 7907 805



Dana Levy Tavor 

Head of Endowments, Scholarships and PRAS (E.S.P.)

Dana heads the scholarship department, dealing with Telfed's financial need scholarships, the PRAS programme, endowments & SASI.  She assists as many students as possible in accordance with the donors' wishes and community needs.  She also oversees the PRAS regional coordinators. Contact details: / 09 7907 811

Simone Pikas

Head of Scholarship Department for the Pras and SASI Programmes

Simone manages the ‘Pras Community Service Programme’ and is responsible for the wellbeing of the students and Olim families. She also manages the ‘SASI Programme’ for Southern African international students coming to study in Israel. Contact details:  / 09 7907 811

Yael Strausz 

Employment Advisor

Yael assists Olim find their way in the Israeli Job market: adapting their CV to the Israeli format, getting to know the various job boards, head-hunters and making connections locally. Veteran Olim are also welcome to consult Yael with issues pertaining to employment. Contact details: / 09 7907 815


Nicole Trope 

Community Awareness

Nicole manages all levels of communication with the community, sharing important information on our website, in our monthly electronic newsletters and in the Telfed community magazine. Parties interesed in advertising to our 25,000-strong community are also welcome to consult Nicole. Contact details: / 09 7907 825

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