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New olim to Jerusalem meet with Telfed Representatives

On 12 November, representatives from Telfed spent the day in the capital to meet with new and prospective olim. Daniela Shapira (Aliyah and Klita Advisor) and Yael Strausz (Employment Advisor) were joined by Michal Merten (Employment Counsellor) at Qualita in the centre of Jerusalem where they spoke about Telfed's various services, with emphasis on klita and employment. Following a question and answer session with olim, Daniela and Yael headed to Ulpan Etzion.

On their bi-annual visit to Ulpan Etzion, where two rounds of ulpan take place for new olim each year, Daniela and Yael met with the newest olim to Jerusalem. These meetings allow new olim who are in ulpan to connect with Telfed staff, and allow Telfed to address personal concerns face-to-face. Daniela added that 'we now have a new tenant in our Amishav building who is a former Ulpan Etzion student who remembered us from last year when we visited - connection established!'

The final stop of the day was at Midreshet Harova in the Old City. Daniela and Yael addressed a group of approximately twenty young South Africans and Australians who have spent a gap year in Israel on the MTA programme in Jerusalem. A captive audience, after spending a year in the heart of Israel, the Telfed representatives spoke to these young women about Telfed, the process of Aliyah and services available to Southern African and Australian olim. 


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