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Telfed attends the Jerusalem Bursary Ceremony for IDF veterans

Roy Scher, Chairman of the Telfed Jerusalem Regional Committee adresses the assembly.

"It was a most moving ceremony, where the M.C. was a blind I.D.F. Veteran: a well-attended evening with over 100 veterans who received scholarships from various organizations. The evening began with the lighting of Chanukkah candles. The 'Kavod' (honour) that was bestowed upon Telfed made me once again feel proud, honoured and privileged of my volunteering in such an amazing organization.

As Telfed's representative at the ceremony, I was invited by the organizers to say a few words. I chose to give a short background about the mission of Telfed as well as a few selected points of Telfed's involvement in our beloved country and her citizens.

A very emotional personal story was delivered by a war veteran about his serious injury and the events that led to it during the 2nd Lebanese war, as well as his long recovery and his amazing positive outlook on life. As Telfed's representative I was called upon to personally present him with his well deserved bursary.

After a musical interlude, all the veterans received their bursaries, each being called to the stage by name (with a reference to what they were studying in diverse subjects such as psychology, accounting and law or how they were enhancing their lives in different ways - through art or writing a book, for example). Once again I was invited together with the organizers to personally hand out all the bursaries and shake hands with all the veterans, a wonderful honour. This I say, as I salute all these heroes. "

Written by Roy Scher, Chairman of the Telfed Jerusalem Regional Committee 

To read Roy's speech (in Hebrew), click HERE.

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