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The Telfed History Project

In the framework of celebrating Telfed’s 70th Anniversary we are pleased to announce the launch of The Telfed History Project.

This aims to preserve and have available to the public an online archive of Telfed which is the amazing story of the Southern African community in Israel .

Video interviews are being carried out with former staff members and volunteers which will be used to produce a documentary films. The first clips can be viewed HERE.

In addition a website will be created which will include a digital copy of every Telfed magazine published since 1975, thousands of pictures and videos relating to Telfed, its projects and the SA community in Israel.

We are inviting members of the community to contribute their stories and memorabilia about their Aliyah and of course any involvement with Telfed.

This is a work in progress and we will update you as additional content is added.

A new Facebook group to enable contributions has been created – see HERE.

Contact: Dave Bloom for more details or 054 4650200

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