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Valued Volunteers


Honouring the dedicated volunteers of the TECI Second Hand shop

At a function on Sunday 19th February, the volunteers responsible for establishing the Second Hand shop on Netzach Yisrael Street, Merkaz Klita, Mevasseret Zion were presented with awards in the form of beautiful posters produced by the Ethiopian children from the Maksam Centre in Hadera. 

The original vision behind the project was envisaged by Telfed’s Roy Scher from Jerusalem.  Roy has been a staunch promoter of the shop and through his warm and sincere appeals has been responsible for locating donors for donations of shop fittings and equipment.

The shop is staffed by a team of volunteers comprising Roy Scher, Shira Lipschitz, Rochelle Lando, Carol Naim, Laary Cemel, Gillam Keinan, Or Schavitz Shema, Masha Reubinoff, Vicki Scher, and Dan. Some ex South Africans, an American and some Israelis. Ex South African, resident for some thirty years in Israel, Jeff Kaplan, has been a pillar of strength in supporting the project. Always available to assist whether it be delivering merchandise or undertaking technical activities such as electrical  repairs, servicing air conditioning units, carpentry and minor building work, even photographic and video production. Jeff is always willing and able to assist at short notice.

The volunteers undertake the receipt of merchandise from donors, sort it, pack it and display it, for sale to customers. The merchandise consists of clothing for men, women and children as well as household goods such as plates, cups, saucers, pots and pans, tea sets. All items are sold at prices equal to about 80-90% discount.

The Deputy Mayor, Rony Steinitz, addressed the gathering and spoke about the valuable work of the volunteers and how the community of Mevasseret appreciates their efforts. The Deputy Mayor was delighted to receive a beautifully framed Ethiopian poster which he promised to mount in the council’s offices.

Funds raised by the shop have been donated towards the cost of the Marinette project which has been presented to the staff and residents of the Merkaz Klita by the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Centre.  This is a joint community project initiated by the Sochnut with financial support from Telfed’s TECI project.

The function was attended by the Manager of the Merkaz Klita, Beni Harel, and Inbal Kovacs as well as Rav Shlomo Fuchs of the Kamatz (Kehilla Mevasseret Zion) and Dave Bloom, Past Chairman of Telfed.

In addressing the gathering, the Chairman of the Telfed Ethiopian Community Initiative, Mel Cohen paid tribute to the energetic and enthusiastic work undertaken by the volunteers and thanked them for their ongoing efforts without which the project would not have been successful.

There are regular shoppers from Mevasseret, Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. New shoppers  are always welcome to visit the shop to browse without obligation. There are great bargains for everyone.


The shop is currently open on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday every week, from 3.00 to 6.00pm. Additional people are needed to volunteer their services in order for the shop to open on Wednesday afternoon. People interested in volunteering their services should call Shira on 052 240 0073 or Roy on 054 468 3751 or email Dana at Telfed:


Donations for the shop can be deposited in the TECI storeroom in the Moadon at Telfed’s offices, 19 Schwartz  Street, Ra’anana or can be left at the TECI Yad 2 Shop, 220 Netzach Yisrael, Mevesseret Zion.

Article written by Mel Cohen, photos courtesy of Jeff Kaplan


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