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Meet the new Emissaries

Left to Right: Michal Ilan, Barry Hayon, Adi Sperber, Dorron Kline, Merav Barel and Aviad Sela

Telfed was invited by Aviad Sela, the Director of the Israel Centre in Johannesburg, to assist with the training of four new Jewish Agency emissaries to South Africa:

•Adi Sperber – School Shlicha to King David Schools
•Barry Hayon – University campus Shaliach in Johannesburg
•Merav Barel - School Shlicha to King David Schools
•Michal Ilan – Community and Aliyah Shlicha to Cape Town

The training session was held in Jerusalem and led by Telfed’s CEO, Dorron Kline who outlined the assistance that Telfed provides in both the Aliyah and Klita (absorption) processes and the history, culture and challenges facing the South African Jewish community. “The time went by so fast, we learned so much and I felt that we didn’t need a break. The material was fun and interesting. I learned a lot,” said Adi.

Telfed wishes the four new emissaries much success in their Shlichut to South Africa. “Telfed is here to assist you. We value our connection with the Shlichim and see it as an essential aspect of our link to the Jewish community in South Africa,” said Dorron.

An additional four Shlichim designated for the Bnei Akiva youth movement are awaiting final approval from the Jewish Agency for their service in South Africa. 

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