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The end of an era.. and new beginnings

Sharon (centre) receiving a gift of appreciation from Telfed CEO Dorron Kline (left) and COO Nava Lapid (right)

When you sit for a chat with Sharon Bernstein, it doesn’t take long to realize that, over the course of the past 3 decades, there is not much that she hasn’t done at Telfed! From her first day on January 1st 1987, Sharon proved herself to be a pillar of the organization and a source of assistance to thousands of olim over the years. When asked to pin down what would be qualified as her most memorable experience, Sharon replies with a smile: “The events! From the start we had amazing events organized by and for the community… each more grand and successful than the next! From the weekend at Kibbutz Shfayim attended by over 700 people to the “Show must go on” evening in Kfar Saba to lift the spirit of the community during the second intifada or the launch of Keren Telfed at the Knesset, to name a few, I feel tremendously proud to have been part of it all. It’s true what they say, time does fly when you’re having fun!

Sharon served Telfed in multiple capacities over the years, in a variety of departments, extending her knowledge both in Telfed’s housing department (Isrentco) to Aliyah and Klita, an Arts and Crafts Coop and even Accounting.  Not only as a personal assistant to the Director and principle minute taker, but also as an Employment Advisor and respected member of the Media Committee, Sharon was the point of contact for community members, who knew they could rely on her professionalism and dedication.  She has a strong knowledge of the community garnered from her many years of experience, and if you had a question, Sharon knew the answer.

Sharon retired this summer after close to three decades at Telfed.  Her good humour, kindness, attentive ear and valuable advice are greatly missed. Her devotion and hard work are legendary and even after working with 9 Chairmen, Sharon still came to work every day with the same motivation and energy as she had 30 years ago. “I have been fortunate to meet some wonderful people over the years and have made many very dear friends. It’s now time for me to start a new chapter…”

Reflecting on her retirement, Sharon is looking forward to “teaching English as a foreign language and hoping to pass my new-found knowledge on to young Israeli professionals who would like to improve their English business-language skills”.

Sharon (left) with her co-worker Helayne (right)

Long term friend and Telfed Book-keeper Helayne Shedletzky: “Sharon has been a valued colleague and wonderful friend throughout the years, especially with her soothing and calm demeanor.  She has certainly left a positive and lasting impression in this organization.” 

Former Telfed Director Sid Shapiro (left) presenting a certificate of appreciation to Sharon marking 25 years of service to Telfed

“During almost the full period of my lengthy stint as Director", said Sid Shapiro "I was most fortunate to have Sharon at my side or, at least, a central figure in the staff complement. She filled many roles but there was one trait that permeated all her duties that is unique and not often come by. That is her sincere dedication and complete devotion to the mission of doing good for the Southern African  community in Israel  and for Telfed which she adopted as her own family.“

Sharon has endeared herself to many staff members and volunteers during her career at Telfed, and her ability to relate to each one individually, understanding their needs, idiosyncrasies and individual personalities has proven that she could ‘do it all’ with grace and style! We want to thank Sharon for everything that she has done for the community over the years and wish her many wonderful moments with her family and especially with her beloved and beautiful grand-daughter, Mika.

Sharon, with the apple of her eye, her grand-daughter Mika

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