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TLV Shabbat Dinner - Golan Heights Winery - March 16

Dinner Details:


Date: March 16, 2018, 6:30 PVENUE: 126 Ben Yehuda, North Central Synagogue, Tel Aviv Ir HaKodesh


WHAT: White City Shabbat Dinner with Catered 3-Course Kosher Food, Golan Heights Wine, and Lots of Whiskey & Vodka L’Chaims


WHO: 20's & 30's Young TLV Internationals & Sabras, Lone Soldiers are free Because Shabbat in Tel Aviv is a Team Sport!


About the Organization: White City Shabbat 

White City Shabbat is the portal for Shabbat life in Tel Aviv Ir HaKodesh. Our volunteer run nonprofit's mission is to connect you with your young cool Jewish community in Tel Aviv. Tel Aviv has incredible Jewish life and many beautiful kosher Shabbat & Holiday options with incredible friends and families wanting to host you for a Shabbat dinner or lunch. It's time to relax! Email us at


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About the Venue: 126 Ben Yehuda

The North Central Synagogue run by Rabbi Shlomo Chayen, is located at 126 Ben Yehuda Street and is one of the most important and beautiful Jewish community institutions in Tel Aviv. Since its founding in 1934, our historic landmark Tel Aviv synagogue has been an ideal center for the Jewish life of Sabras and Olim living in the neighborhood, as English, French, and Hebrew speakers are welcome in our diverse international synagogue community. Our beit knesset is modern religious Zionist, and young, with its members coming from of all levels of observance, traditions, ages, and levels of familiarity with Jewish customs feeling comfortable. The synagogue offers a variety of spiritual, cultural, and educational programs. We look forward to you joining us for our Torah classes, Shabbat and weekday davening, holiday celebrations, and volunteer chesed opportunities.


About Our Sponsor: Golan Heights Winery

Golan Heights Winery markets its fine kosher wines under four leading brands – Yarden, Gamla, Mount Hermon and Golan. The Winery is considered Israel’s leading winery when it comes to wine quality, technological innovation, and n variety development. Since it was founded in 1983, Golan Heights Winery has played a significant role in developing and nurturing Israel’s current wine culture. The Winery also has altered the way Israeli wines are perceived worldwide, and has firmly placed Israel on the world wine map. We are happy to call Golan Heights Winery a true partner in honoring Shabbat in Tel

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Note that no refunds are granted within 24 hours before the event.

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