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Kibbutz Schluchot's Volunteers - 50th Anniversary Reunion

Volunteers of the 1967 six-day war at Kibbutz Schluchot - 50 years later.

A group of 34 volunteers who originated from South Africa and volunteered in the 1967 six-day war, gathered at Kibbutz Schluchot for a reunion.  They had initially come to Israel to replace the kibbutzniks who were called up to the war.  In total, there were 48 volunteers in the original group.  90% of them have since made Aliyah.  Some joined for the Shabbat reunion from the United States and some from South Africa.  All are married with grandchildren and some have great-grandchildren.  Sadly, a few of the group have since passed away.

Most of the volunteers were University students at the time and received special permission from their University to miss 6 months (which meant repeating that year's studies the following year, in 1968).  It was most unusual for the University to grant such permission.

On the Kibbutz they did all different tasks of manual work which included tending the orchards, hay (falcha), chickens, kitchen and laundry (ironing).  The group knitted very closely together and received Hebrew lessons and tiyulim.  It was a very emotional experience for some members to meet again with their adoptive parents, those whom are still alive.

The group thoroughly enjoyed the weekend to the extent that they requested another reunion to be organized in the next few years.  The reunion was organized by Solly Sacks, Simcha Golshevsky and Roland Mureinik.

Article written by Solly Sacks.

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