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Sammy Berger awarded Certificate of Merit by the Chairman of LIBI

I would like to share my story about my father, Sammy (Shmuel) Berger, whom has been doing volunteering work for more than 10 years at THE LIBI FUND – the non-profit organization founded in 1980 by the late Prime Minister, Mr. Menahem Begin, and which is authorized by the Ministry of Defense and the IDF to raises funds for the benefit of our soldiers.

Last week, 7th March 2013, at a gala evening held by LIBI to thank its donors and volunteers for their concern, support and work over the years for the benefit of the soldiers of the IDF, he was one of three volunteers who were awarded a Certificate of Merit by the Chairman of LIBI in the presence of Lt.-General Benny Gantz, IDF Chief of Staff, and other high-ranking officers.

Sincerely yours,
Shira Berger Sternfeld

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