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The SASI Commitee meets with Bar Ilan Uni

Right to Left: Telfed CEO Dorron Kline, Prof. Shlomo Romi, Steve Handler,
SASI Chairman Dave Bloom, Shlomit Stern and Daniel Schuval.

Members of the Southern Africans Studying in Israel (SASI) committee at Telfed recently met with senior staff of Bar Ilan University and discussed extending a partnership between the two bodies.  Telfed CEO Dorron Kline, together with SASI Chairman Dave Bloom and committee member Steve Handler met with Prof. Shlomo Romi (Head of the Institute for Education and Research, Community Head of International Office of Academic Affairs) as well Daniel Schuval and Shlomit Stern who deal with partnership programmes at Bar Ilan.

The university staff discussed the degrees and courses that can be studied both in English and of course in Hebrew at Bar Ilan and Telfed presented its vision of a partnership that would encourage and motivate Southern African Students to consider Bar Ilan for their undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Whilst many students will choose to study in English – Bar Ilan offers a year-long preliminary Mechina course to raise levels of Hebrew so that some students will have wider choices amongst the Hebrew-taught degrees and be better equipped to live and work in Israel after their studies.

The meeting was held in a very positive atmosphere and there will be follow-up discussions in the very near future to confirm details of the partnership.“The aim is that in the next academic year 2017-8 the first Southern African students will commence their studies at Bar Ilan and benefit from its full range of academic degrees with the backing of financial support from Bar Ilan and SASI,” said Dorron Kline.

Article written by SASI Chairman, Dave Bloom

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