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A Biophysicist traces his Geneolology


Durban born Professor Wilfred Stein, the son of the well-known Philip and Lily Rolnick who were very active in their local community in Durban, has recently published a fascinating book tracing his family history back to Lithuania and charting his ancestor’s journeys from the 1700’s until today through South Africa, Russia, Australia, Great Britain and the USA and ending in Israel where Wilfred and his family have resided since 1968.

Now retired, Professor Stein was a Professor of Biophysics at the Hebrew University for thirty years and is the author of numerous of books and papers on biological membranes and on drug resistance in cancer and malaria. 
Saul Issroff, originally from Muizenberg, in a very positive review of Stein’s book wrote: “In over 30 years of genealogy I have not come across a family chronicle as meticulously researched as Wilfred Stein's "The Rolnick Chromosomes". Issroff draws attention to some of the fascinating parts of the book such as sections on Congo Joe Rolnick, The Rolnicks from Skaudville to Chicago and from Raysen to New York. He says that each section is a story on its own, with many vibrant characters and that Stein makes excellent use of newspaper research and uses clear images and charts throughout.  The highlight of the book according to Issroff is the chapter entitled “The Origin and Evolution of the Rolnick Chromosomes" which takes the complex subject of Genetic Genealogy and makes it easy to understand with clear diagrams and text.
The book is available on Amazon as a hard copy or as a Kindle book for those who are interested in reading it.



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