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Hillie's War Fom Rommel To Patton.: My Pow Memoirs by Hillel Feldman

Hillie is 3rd from left in this picture taken in the East African campaign against the Italians.

This is a riveting and interesting personal memoir of a young South African Jewish soldier, Hillie Feldman, who spent the major part of World War 2 as a POW in Italian and later in German POW Camps, from the time that Rommel captured him and his unit, The Transvaal Scottish, in the desert of North Africa, and until in 1945, when Patton and his tanks released the multitudes of POW from the allied troops.

The memoir gives one an honest look into the conditions and everyday life of the POW’s, their trials and tribulations, but also the brighter spots, the camp culture, the friendships which developed and the atmosphere which wartime produced. He also tells about a short lived escape and recapture from trains which were transporting them to Germany, and about their attempts to sabotage the German effort while in the Lamsdorf Camp. There, for the first time he heard about the Nazi plan to eliminate Jews from the world, when they came across Jewish concentration camp prisoners, for whom they sacrificed some of their own food.

Luckily the author, Hillie Feldman, was amongst those POW’s who survived, were released, and lived to tell his tale some 50 years later.

The reader will find out why and when Hillie went to war and where and under what circumstances he was captured. It will give a clear picture of what everyday life was like for a POW in an Italian and German POW Camp, and whether a Jewish POW was in greater danger than anyone else.

Read this book if you want to hear an authentic and entrancing story of a young South African Jewish soldier in World War II and his Prison of War camp experiences.

Review written by Ronnie Feldman

The book is available on Amazon, click HERE.

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