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Quilts for Neo-Natal Units

"These quilts began when I asked friends if they would like to help make 9 patch blocks to begin the process of making small quilts for Neo-Natal units.

The goal was to make 70 quilts to celebrate my 70th Birthday in December 2016. Little did I know that during the time it took to make the 9-patches, add the borders, the flannel backing, turn the quilts and do the quilting, that Telfed would also celebrate a 70th Anniversary.

My friend, Dina Carmiel, helped every step of the way. Several of her friends and the ladies at Accent Quilters made 9-patches and turned the quilts at meetings so that I could complete the quilting. I would like to thank each and everyone for their help."

Carol Smith

If you have any similar initiatives that you would like to implement, please contact Dana Ben Chail, Head of Telfed's Volunteering Department (

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