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Parley with the President

On Monday 31st July 2017, the day before Tisha B’Av, President Rivlin in partnership with JPPI (The Jewish People Policy Institute – see held the third pluralistic learning event at the President’s Residence in as many years. Bringing together representatives from Israel’s different Jewish streams, the event focused on how to bring the learning from within the walls of the Study Halls into the wider community.  

Tisha B’Av, a day of mourning, commemorates several calamities in Jewish history: the destruction of the First and Second Temples; the expulsion of the Jewish community from Spain; and, more recently, the Shoah. According to Jewish tradition, the Second Temple was destroyed due to Jewish sectarian infighting, making it a most meaningful date to hold a study session in the spirit of pluralism and mutual respect.

Telfed’s CEO, Dorron Kline, was invited by JPPI to join this special learning event and thereby represent the 23 Olim organisations at this unique gathering.

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